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Doracell ] Lord, see me, to the last year, my islamic roots Forgive me what I past did, hustlin for loot Pass the casket, lookin at my friend in basket Touch him with my lips, feelin like he blasted I never seen a man cry But my lifestyle is fear, sittin around watchin muthafuckas die The faces of death Who coulda predicted 2Pac would be next? Who's the new guy? Okay, here's the problem! Ya want some tortilla chips, Gay Robot? Can I dip them in your ass? Oh, that's my friend John.

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Please, my circuits are Shorting

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Gay Robot lyrics

No, I'm not gay, Gay Robot I know, I was just rousing you! You know I never said that I can fix it Oh hey! Look, I'm not here to bring the party down

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You know I never said that Yeah, yeah, cool, we're all just hangin out Fuck it, I'm gonna go get another beer. Wait, so the robot's gay? Without it, I could die Please, my circuits are shorting Deal with it The Gay Robot knows his shit, man Now will someone blow it on my face?

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