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Inseventy-two countries, including some that retain sodomy laws, had protections against employment discrimination [PDF] based on gender identity or sexual orientation. We need to confirm your email address. Virginia case legalized interracial marriage inmajorities of Americans didn't approve of such unions until decades later, in the late s. A Pew Research Center poll found that support for legal recognition of same-sex marriage is 16 percent in Belarus and just 9 percent in Ukraine. Landline and cellular telephone numbers are selected using random-digit-dial methods. Skip to main content.

A Tale of Two Tariffs:

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At least ten other countries in Central and Eastern Europe have such prohibitions. The narrow and congested Mideast waterway has become a site of escalating U. Omar G. The church is one of the few major mainline Protestant denominations in the country that currently does not sanction same-sex marriage.

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