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I'd made my own choices with little to no regret. I couldn't control myself, I started to cum. So, I simply introduced myself to my new roommate. He kissed my neck and my chest. So I come in one night after drinking heavily with some of my friends. I thought, "Okay, this is cool, maybe this guy won't bug me and we can co-exist in a very neutral way. I felt this guy up, like no one I'd ever been with before.

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But, thankfully, I knew someone stationed here.

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I put my mouth on his cock, and it was the sweetest thing that I'd ever tasted. I really just wanted to keep him quiet. I was more than accommodating, I showed him how to use the remotes for everything. Just like a lot of kids from my neighborhood. I had quite a little home entertainment system by now, so he was at my mercy. You will receive more free stories, so use your real email address.

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His chest was slightly hairy, I love that, I licked his nipples until he moaned. I couldn't help but notice that when he got up in the morning, he was completely nude. And I knew he was here at this base. Well, the day came when Brent decided that he needed to live with his fiancee, outside of the base. Listen to Sex Stories Better than reading. I used to lay awake in my bunk in the mornings and watch him go into the shower and come out.

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