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It explains why they were named NY's Best Gym. Thank goodness, there are an abundance of seniors when I go. Eventually, they both shot off roughly at the same time on to the floor. That's why the saunas and steamrooms are continually closed down and notices go up about it. I've never been caught cruising, and I don't engage if I think that I will get caught. It's really pretty simple.


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Be natural and all your inhibitions will disappear. I will not name him because I almost feel sorry for him. Fly over state here. If I want to mess around in a public place, I can't complain and whine and get huffy that someone I find undesirable is in there and won't leave. A fitness place is not a damned bath house. I was too nervous to do anything.

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They keep getting fogged up, but whatevs! Oh, and 36th and Madison ran out of towels yesterday. And they complain to the management. Obviously I know now everyone was cruisting each other. Anyway I've seen him before and I know he is an exhibitionist horny fuck. Oh, and at the same gym there is this lean totally muscle guy who is a complete steam room slut.