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The Sucklord first made his mark on the world with the infamous Star Wars Breakbeat CD in — a mix made up completely with uncleared Star Wars samples and hip-hop breakbeats. How big is your Star Wars collection? What kind of problems do people come to you for? When the scene started happening in the later 90s and s, none of the big guys would let me play. I have been working with the great Dunny shape designed by Tristan Eaton for like 6 years now when thinking about Dunny designs I usually have a list of thoughts and then process them through sketching. What is next in the evolution of Suckadelic? This was a Tolkien Based Hobbit hip-hop group I was involved in for a few years, from like to

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It says on your site that you do toy repairs.

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Gay Empire 10th Anniversary Edition Action Figure Suckadelic Sucklord Vinyl Toy

I wanted to go further than those in making my mini-figure even more reductive. His tiny Yosemitie Sam feet are killer. I think for me the main attraction is because those toys are imperfect and have flaws, and so do I. I own almost no vinyl toys. I was given the opportunity to chat with Sket-One about his work and himself. Nobody can afford me.

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He still makes his home in New Haven Connecticut, and he still deftly incorporates all the elements that went into his becoming an effective graffiti artist a sharp visual wit, an urban sensibility, and a finger on the pulse of a larger pop culture. How big is your Star Wars collection? Morgan, you know quite a few people in the art and vinyl toy scene. I suppose, after a fashion. A despicable yet admirable character that has the uncanny ability to do and say what others cannot or will not. No one else would do it for me.

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