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Korean J Radiol. Fitness Health Nutrition Transition. N Engl J Med. A conclusion that will emerge from this review is that there remains a need for prospective longitudinal follow-up of transgender individuals electing breast cancer surveillance; a description of and a means to refer patients to one such registry will be presented. The size of bust you want should be determined by factors such as body shape and size, type of clothes you will be wearing, your personality and your intended objective when dressing.

transgender breast size
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It depends on genetics, timing and luck, really.

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Add an Image. I am 6 months in, and I am wearing a 38C, I am not sure how big I am going to end up, but I am sure it will be above an A. No one has every unearthed any type of scientific study that validates the "one size smaller" statement. Free oil injections may be detected on cross-sectional imaging.

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I only know my biological Mom was a 34B.

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