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The average interval between test and retest evaluations was 46 days, with minimum variation of 18 and a maximum variation of 94 days. It should be noted that the Speech-Language Pathologist did not interfere with the reading of the questionnaire or the marking of answers to avoid any bias in the participants' evaluations. The total average of the test 2. In addition to this, three of the four other participants had doubts about this sentence. Legislation is now pending in India that would provide protections to transgender people in the country, home to 1. Information about the patient's perception is usually collected through a self-assessment instrument. The average of the retest 2.

survey on barazilian transsexual
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The full methodological details of the study are below, and Ipsos is happy to supply datafiles SPSS or Excel tables for interested parties on request.

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Descriptive statistics for the test according to the TVQ: Elections Findings on the prevalence of transsexualism vary considerably between countries and periods 34.

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Item 14, translated as "My voice sounds strained" raised doubts in one of the five participants, and it was altered to "My voice sounds artificial".

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