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I don't know that this answer is very satisfying to anyone. Growing Up Gay in the s: I'm drawn to this definition. What a bunch of homophobes. All this time spent imagining other worlds, and other versions of me in those worlds, was eventually good fuel for fiction writing.

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In fact, this pretense of "imitating the world in all its complexity" was part of his definition of what actually makes a work of fiction a novel in the first place.

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12 perfect films for the snowbound political junkie

Or when Michelle Bachmann is calling anything other than heterosexuality a form of "sexual dysfunction," a perversion, a sin, but one fixable through intensive therapy? Available to rent on Vudu, iTunes and Amazon. Come for the uncanny, Oscar-winning Daniel Day-Lewis portrayal of the titular hero in this Steven Spielberg blockbuster, but stay for the incredible true story of the political machinations that made the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution — which formally made slavery and indentured servitude illegal — a reality. Fiction allows us to live in the heads of characters in ways that no other forms of art or entertainment quite match. Currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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Just make sure you have a box of tissues nearby. Though picking one event as the start date for the LGBTQ rights movement is misleading, it's worth remembering that we're now some years out pun intended from Stonewall, and yet today, inactual contenders for the office of the President of the United States still feel perfectly at ease, and, in fact, in the right, campaigning on garbage-tides of homophobic hate speech. The film also features the late James Gandolfini in one of his best big screen roles as a general who is trying to prevent the march to war because he knows the human cost all to well. But the problem, as I see it, is exactly that: However, she is a person who has spent too much time on the periphery, half-experiencing those crucial small moments of development that she should have felt safe to experience fully and openly but did not. The complexity of Cameron Post's world is funneled through the eponymous narrator of Cameron Post herself.