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You have to marvel at how many times she can go to the well -- 15 in this volume -- and still come back with a touching, funny, bittersweet story that illustrates the odd human truths behind those horrible fights you get into with your relatives during the holidays. Nov 08, aaron rated it really liked it. This is a delightful lyrical tale by Dylan Thomas about cats and uncles and memories of his past Christmas as a boy in Wales. I like Augusten's writing style about his own life and enjoyed that he narrated his own audiobook. A gay holiday romance short.

short stories & gay literature & christmas
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The stories are full of the wry wit that is found in much of the rest of his work, but I thought that the tales didn't float quite as well.

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Rating details. Most importantly, though, I couldn't wait to have an entire week to read books for fun and not for class. The pieces are still characterised by Burrough's biting wit, covering subjects like his waking up naked next to Santa Claus, hung-over and trying to piece together the night before. I knew what I had become.

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Scrooge, that was it.

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