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While The Herbs are confident that they will never have to move into a retirement home, many gay seniors are less financially secure, with high poverty rates among a community that has faced decades of discrimination. Atlantis and RSVP will pair single travelers in double staterooms on their gay cruises, so that they can avoid the single supplement. The research coordinator undertook preliminary data coding, which was reviewed and verified by at least one of the principal investigators on an ongoing basis. This cohort will have more likely identified themselves with a cultural community and had the opportunity to participate in a variety of organizations designed to promote their health and well-being, challenge discriminatory law and policy, and celebrate a sense of pride in their identity. In the meantime, please feel free to search for ways to make a difference in your community at www. This cohort of gay and lesbian people are already beginning to identify the need to re-examine and address the interplay of ageism and homophobia that may hinder their visibility and participation in the future. A handful of affordable, LGBT-welcoming senior housing projects have been developed.

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An 'LGBT-Welcoming' Place to Call Home

Located in a vibrant, gay community near public transportation, the development has two buildings: Finally, it was suggested that older lesbians and gay men would benefit immensely from the added protection of policy initiatives that incorporate homophobia as a grounds of elder abuse. Where sexuality is understood as a normal and healthy aspect of older people's lives, arguments for the inclusion of sexual orientation gain credibility. The discussions that resulted were based both on participants' own experiences and perspectives, and those of organizations, agencies, or groups in which they were involved. Their needs are hardly ever addressed, and their profound invisibility obstructs any possibility of developing sensitive and appropriate health, social service, and long-term care alternatives for them. Specific reference was made to the impact of discrimination on the health and access to health services of these populations.

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For example, outward expressions of affection may represent major impediments to the health and well-being of older lesbians and gay men who reside in long-term care facilities. Where sexuality is understood as a normal and healthy aspect of older people's lives, arguments for the inclusion of sexual orientation gain credibility. At the time, the focus of analysis was limited to organizational representation as the main interest of this study. Seniors who require care need to be assured that the values of agencies, institutions, and professionals respect and reflect who they are and their unique needs. Participants in this study confirmed that older gay men and lesbians often mistrust the health and social service network as a result of life-long experiences of marginalization and oppression.

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