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Nathan Fox. Kyle Champagne. The dialogue I need to have and to hear is a deeper and far less digestible one, a talk that has no simple starting point or end. Sad gay prayers will be prayed by sad gays in sad gay churches while straight "allies" light the candles. Site navigation Your reading history. Read the full story at Daily Xtra.

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Site navigation Your reading history.

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Get introduced to these sexy men in charming one-on-one interviews and watch as they explore their sexuality on camera. Brandon JonesZack Hunter. When you are a gay man in Canada, you can't speak certain uneasy truths to heterosexuals, even your liberal, educated straight friends — okay, especially to your liberal, educated straight friends. And throughout this "healing process," living gay adult men will be hushed and patted on the head and will be told that these murders are not a gay issue, but a human issue.

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