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If you are unable to do so or are not sure if a post or thread is appropriate, message the mods join us on Discord support PKA on Patreon. Being a furry does not mean you are sexually attracted to animals, you dense idiot. Both these people want to have sex with a living thing that cannot consent and probably wouldn't even if they could. For more information please visit the PKA Wiki. Hateful or personal attacks on PKA community members will be removed. Bipedal and fully functioning, they just look like animals.

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These people shouldn't be tolerated because they have the potential to one day act on their impulses in the same way pedos who masturbate to underage pornography even it's just cartoon drawings may also one day act on their impulses and hurt someone.

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Furry Gay Wolf Wall Art

Gay is the opposite of straight. Hunters are bassically child killers. It sounds edited and unnatural. I think it was because she was done essentially being his care taker after all those years. From my understanding, furries are people who find animals attractive. You seem to be confused. During the past few years especially, being LGBTQ has begun to seem like a fashionable bandwagon that everyone wants to jump onto.

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Just the same way some gay people are pedophiles but that does not in any way mean that all gay people are pedophiles. Getty Images Furries who admit that sexual attraction is a driving force behind their participation in the subculture often indicate that their attraction is exclusive, meaning they are ONLY attracted to for example anthropomorphic cartoon wolf creatures, and not to regular humans. The politics of sexuality remain perpetually in the news, and as usual, it's mostly for the wrong reasons. Today, however, many participants in the Furry subculture see it as much more than just a niche form of cosplay. Plenty of Furries consider themselves just another quirky part of fandom culture, meaning their interests are essentially divorced from notions of sexual or gender identity. Let people fuck how they wanna fuck as long as they aren't hurting anyone.

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