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Some associated certain stereotypes with homosexuality, including being " into musical theatre ". Doctor Who Superlatives: Look at Bill Potts Pearl Mackie in series 10 — a fantastic companion, great character, brilliant story arc. My Dinner with Andrew after marrying "her" Doctor, the eleventh. The Curse of the Black Spot.

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An android duplicate of Jason — under the alias of Professor Cockshaft — lectured that "Mr Kane's work treats sex as an erasure of the boundaries between the familiar and the foreign, the self and the not-self.

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Growing up, Amy Pond believed her best friend Rory Williams was gay, as he never showed any interest in girls, in her mind. The two lived together. Doctor Who spin-off: By the early 21st centuryhomosexuality was more accepted, and children just accepted that some people had two mothers or two fathers.

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John Hart even found himself attracted to an Earth poodle.

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