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They finally divorced in He followed up saying: My best friend was Miss Savannah who lived across the street from me who told me stories all summer long. When I moved here I became involved with the organization and she and I kind of took it to a different level and sustained it. Royal fans are torn over whether Archie looks more like Meghan or Harry in

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Hong Kong democracy activist is freed from prison and calls for the city's Beijing-backed leader 'Carrie Lam

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Frustrated parents share their teenage children's untidy bedroom horrors after BBC One of the alleged victims claims she was just 14 when the artist sexted her and exposed himself to her via Skype, and said people would compare him to R. And tell me about your work at Georgia State.

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Shoppers are going wild for Kellogg's' new White Choc Coco Pops - calling the cereal a 'game changer' and

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