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Women are very interested in me being trans. Among the divine pantheon and their giant counterparts, Odin and Freya both transcend gender roles. What concerns me more, though, is thinking about my own mental well-being. Well, if I haven't disclosed it on my profile and disclose it later on, I get far more negative reactions from men. Something more might have happened between the two, something that the poet, with the words of Frigg, finds too shameful to say out loud. We must remember that the poem was written down and probably also created during the new era, when the new faith and a new world-view was influencing and changing, finally to overthrow, the old. It's also really little things, like when people show me the respect of not misgendering me, referring to me as a woman, which is what I am.

freyas transgender stories
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I am a woman, which surely means that I am OK with picking a gender.

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I think it's so important to have them as representatives for their cause. The poem concludes with the downfall of Loki for misunderstanding the gods. How's dating going at the moment? Hialti was exiled from Iceland for his blasphemy, but only the year after, in A.

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People see us as badly dressed and frumpy -- either that or over the top.

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