Transgender tucking with glue

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Add a comment Log in or register to post comments. I like the idea of using the control top part of a pair of pantyhose, gotta be way easier than some of the other ways that have been talked about!! You will be amazed by the smoothness that results! Well, maybe I'll try it your way. It does not go up 'inside' rather they sit in the little pocket of skin at the front. Some language may be triggering for trans people, particularly when discussing the genitals. There were so many possibilities going through my head as I walked over to the closet.

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KT Pro tape is used the exact same way as duct-tape.

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Addressing tucking in transgender and gender variant patients

I've also pushed my penis inside of itself. Improvising was the only way to figure things out back then, luckily when to came to crossdressing I was a regular MacGuyver, and so I improvised my very first tucking method, and I understand other people, in similar situations, have done the same. Sorry but I had to laugh No No not a good idea at all. Tucking and Taping Finding your 'manhood' is possible and in fact if done very well can be almost impossible to tell you are preop! Try Johnson and Johnson's Elastikon tape. Unknown July 27, at 3: Assessment for tucking When discussing tucking with a patient, take time to understand the role tucking plays in their life as well as any concerns they may have.

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Sign In Sign Up. F or my next attempt, I held the tube back, then ran a line of tape from just a few inches above where my penis would have been, all the way back, carefully keeping my buttocks apart, then secured it up to the small of my back. Investigation for torsion, infection including gonorrhea and chlamydiainguinal hernia, and occult trauma should be performed when appropriate. November 17th, 1 The Real Thing. Featured May 16th, 0.

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