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These tiny predators use their small body size, camouflage coloring, and the cover of darkness to conceal themselves from prey and predators. The Zoological Society helps fund conservation projects performed at the Zoo and by Milwaukee zookeepers in the field, including the Milwaukee Ape Heart Project, the study of the Grenada frog and coral reefs in Grenada, iguana conservation and migratory bird projects at the Zoo. Bear Cub Toast Make breakfast extra special with this treat! The frantic parents re-traced their steps and found the boy exactly where they last saw him. Ride Charlie, a kid-friendly Bactrian camel who likes to cuddle. Alive April 21 Dr.

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Expanded to 23 acres; now home to animals

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He then went on to work for two years as a field assistant with the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology where he assisted projects researching Assamese macaque feeding ecology in Phu Khieo, Thailand and bonobo behavior in Luikotale, Democratic Republic of Congo. Installed solar panels at admission gates Installed permanent poetry exhibition The Language of Conservation, located throughout Zoo. You can see Josie on the nocturnal side of the building, which is kept dark so that animals normally active at night will be somewhat active when zoogoers visit during the day.

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Finally, the Maholi bushbaby pair had its first successful birth, and hopefully there will be more births in the future.

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