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Monday, 29 December Vintage Spanking Art. We can conjecture that this is the pick-up that went awry, the curious explorer taken beyond his boundaries or perhaps the experienced top subjected to an unpleasant role reversal. The spanker here shows nothing more than a plain bulge, which is coy enough to make me wonder if the cock on the stool was added by a mischievous modifier. This example is not as stylish as my other choices and there's some wierd perspectives and positioning notice the hand appearing to rest on a level surface far right. He is recieving this little lesson at the hands of a woman probably! There's a sailor in this group see chairI'm guessing it's the man with the devotional tattoo who is introducing these young men to the pleasure of pain before sex.

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The moustaches and body suggest this was drawn in the 80's but who by?

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If you want to contact me use the link in my profile which you can now reach via the new 'contact page' below Thanks for visiting Mitchell's blog Oct 28th This is an original on a folded up piece of paper and so may be an unpublished piece or the work of an amateur but it's technically accomplished and convincing. It's a redeeming detail that allows us to imagine that he will look back upon this encounter as a memorable experience - if not one he wants to repeat in a hurry. The spiky, black shadow behind him creates the impression of severe punishment, of his body pushed up against the wall by repeated blows from behind.

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Details like the spanker's expression and his menacing shadow on the wall convey a darkness of intent to us that is not visible to the victim.

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