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Katharine Susannah Prichard writes in Referring not just to the famous London store, but to "derry" as to "have a derry on" meaning to dislike, referring to "down on", meaning prejudiced against, from Derry Down in Ireland. Back at least 20 years - to a land where women glow and men chunder. The scourge of the summer festival-goer has to be the crusty dunnies. The phrase is from the name of former Australian prime minister Harold Holt who disappeared, presumed drowned, while swiming at Portsea, Victoria, in Cross, George and Widda-Woman Logistic regression was then used to evaluate determinants of using saliva as a lubricant in the prior 6 months for one of the acts, penile—anal intercourse.

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Australian English often uses the feminine pronoun she where standard English would use it.

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Meanings and origins of Australian words and idioms

However, a common thread between these 3 pathogens is their presence in saliva, and, remarkably, saliva is not often considered as a conduit for sexual transmission. It means 'a look', and usually appears in the phrase to have or take a geek at. I am as miserable as a bandicoot having to sneak home like this. Usually this activity is surreptitious. For insertive penile—anal intercourse, in unadjusted analyses, we again observed the importance of HIV infection status. Ambo was first recorded in the s. The argument that there should be profitable industrial prison-labour is a boomerang with a wicked recoil.

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Referring to the speed required to run to such a refuge and the fact they were often underground. A reasonable chance, a fair deal: Bandicoots are small marsupials with long faces, and have been given a role in Australian English in similes that suggest unhappiness or some kind of deprivation see above. The irony is of course that their CEO is the least loyal person in the company. Everyone knows bunyips live in the Wingecarribee Swamp, problem is, there are quite a few different theories about this elusive animal and it all seems to turn on how much grog visitors to the swamp have had before they hear the distinctive roar.

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