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Guys cruise in their cars and in the restrooms. Best to meet people there and go to your place. The toilets on the first and second floors are very cruisy but the best is the fifth floor next to the arcade. Try our signature fusion massage, a combination of Thai. City park, pool, softball diamonds picnic tables, t-rooms, have had in the t-rooms but risky Crowd:

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Tekka Mall, Serangoon Street, Singapore.

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Phoenix Gay Cruising Areas

Busy shopping mall with a few quiet toilet locations for play time. A cruisy park by the canal. It is clean and very dark in some places. Mallof course! Sycamore Creek has several natural pools used for skinny-dipping. Crowds can range from just a feww or zero during the week to twenty on pea No Glory holes, but guys usually hang out at urinals.

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One of the best and long-standing men's spa in Singapore. A cruisy park by the canal. Better to go there only after dark. Cleaning at 10 am. Caves, Ravines, Shaded, Blocked from view places to toss one off alone or with a friend s.