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Condi, Opie, give us a call sometime. Paternity tests later proved him wrong on that count-nice one, Eddie. The Criminal Minds star has shot down rumors about the company he keeps on numerous occasions. Okay, we know we're going out on a limb on this one, but stick with us. Anne Heche Why you think she might be gay: S he told Pride Source that she's always been "pretty clear" about her sexuality.

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I fell in love with her the first second I saw her.

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Straight stars who keep getting labeled as gay

Stewart, who was usually fairly reserved about her straight relationships, explained that she felt it was important to open up about her bisexuality: And he's married to cutie-hot Kelly Preston. It is long-standing tradition that the quarterback of whatever football team you hate is gay. There are three types of Hollywood homosexuals: That is not the way I run my life. The above should be enough to cast some doubt, but it turns out Dick has three children by multiple women, making him at least way bisexual or a great faker.

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Will Smith Getty Images. The couple has six children together. All the drama aside, when you've got insanely hot chicks beating the crap out of each other because they both want you so bad, you either really know how to lay the pipe, or you've hired the best beards in the entire universe. Number two…why would you want to hide it? Bradley Cooper Getty Images. The Smith family is a Hollywood powerhouse, yet there are some who believe they've built their entertainment empire on a foundation of lies.

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