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Yes, you are going to be raped. He's prescribing you a heaping dose of the Filmcow Master Collection, and various opiates. Originally, instead of uploading movies to youtube, Jason was forced to format his movies into a FLV format, inject them into Flash and upload them to Newgrounds. Basically put, Chris requested a segment of his own and being the lame asses that they were, Knox and Jason pinned him with the privilege of counting toto which Chris eventually utilizes this crappy segment to annoy his colleagues by pretending that he's actually going to count to fucking one thousand and then dropping the ball midway, because apparently listening to someone monotone up to 79 wasn't annoying enough already. Needless to say, removing the random nature out of Knoxkast and applying structure effectively kills any kind of potential for actual lulz in the show, making it the most bland thing they've ever done, if that's not too difficult to believe.

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Robert Benfer.

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Though Jason Steele has made several lulzy films since then, Charlie is all he will ever be known for. Under typical circumstances, the film would bomb and the people who would supposedly make the film would never actually fucking make it for that exact reason. Robert Benfer.

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After the first episode, subsequent ones boiled down to Jason saying something, Knox repeating it as a question, and Jason asking why the show is so terrible.

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