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Apparently he's been battling gay rumors since he was on the show and the naked pics somebody who he pissed off posted on his twitter account are a hot ass mess. And, as long as we remain this way, we meaning blacks will never get ahead. I don't know why he continues to deny it. I want to make that clear! Dang, Sandra you just went in Most Liked Most Commented. Deidra Tyrone-Davis Deidra is the one in the pink shirt, and was seen as the cheerleader of the house.

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DAISY see comment 25 sandra approved it the pics are there and sandra that girl aint no lesbun.

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Forbidden love: the original Dorian Gray revealed, direct from Oscar Wilde’s pen

That's what I said! To date, Trey's CD is nowhere near going gold. Ray Cunningham was on the Virginia State University cast, and was a very entertaining person to watch. Just as I was about to delete the offending tweet -- and issue an apology to Mr. Nov 13, For someone who is clearly on the DL too,,, tsk tsk, and sandra dont lie for your friend you know dman well!!!! Has MamaSongz had anything to say about all this.

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Trey makes great music but he has always set off my gaydar. My Last First Kiss What you do in your personal life is your business. Nov 13, 2. I know yall reading! He reeks of tanginess!

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