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In the episode "Vision Quest," Dale had a vision where he witnessed a faceless Native-American man wearing a lavish buffalo head-dress and other garb impregnating Nancy and then wound up in a hospital watching Nancy give birth to Joseph, who came out wearing exactly the same head-dress as the faceless Native American. Love and God Bless, Debbie and John. He once rigged Hank's and his own mailbox to explode via the television remote. His fragile mind sure have been humiliated a lot by women through out the years, no wonder he looks to men now! Tags arrogant manbaby narcissistic personality disorder nigger poor streamer twitch. He once attempted to quit smoking and switched to chewing tobacco, but when his wife prohibited spitting in their house, he started packing the tobacco into a rolled newspaper and inhaling the fumes, which proved fruitless.

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Dale is a self-employed exterminator.

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In season 7, he spontaneously enters a hot dog eating contest, claiming, "Any idiot can eat hot dogs; it's not a talent. Kennedy to confirm his conspiracy theories, but when he finally read the entire part of a key FBI report on it he realized that the government had been telling the truth and that his entire worldview was ruptured; Dale then became even more annoying as a true-patriot than he'd been a dissident he tried to turn Hank in to the FBI and Homeland Security after even the normally patriotic Hank got sick of Dale's pro-government bragging but used his newfound respect for the Federal government to get an obnoxious DMV employee to immediately correct Hank Hill's personal information after it had listed Hank as "female" and gave bureaucratic excuses for not changing it. He should just pull a blanket over his head and be honest with everyone.

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He had come to see Dale because of some medical documents that were filled out and never paid in his name.

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