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Socrates took the teen back to his college dorm room, where the pair had the first of many sexual encounters and began a friendship that continues to this day. Hell YES!! These days, NAMBLA's face fronts for little more than a publishing collective and several hundred scared, paranoid members. Staffers at Fag Rag, a now-defunct Boston-based radical gay paper, decided to fight back. In the early '90s, the gay community watched in horror as the Christian right used NAMBLA's presence in gay-pride marches to attack gay-rights legislation and tell Americans that homosexuals were after their kids. He wears a heavy black robe, eight-inch mirrored platform boots, pushpins in his head complete with fake bloodand black make-up to accentuate harsh black eyebrows. You fuck little boys up the ass!

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Today, he's also talking about how it feels to receive telephone calls like this one:

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Just where is the army of boys backing NAMBLA and fighting for the rights of teens to have sex with whomever they wish? Which may explain what happened inwhen a journal of the American Psychological Association published the results of a study of college students who, as youths, had been involved in sexual relationships with adults. They also failed, for the most part, to attract boys to their cause. It was a rare chance to show the world that they weren't nearly as despicable as people made them out to be.

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Theirs is the story of a small group of unapologetic radicals who badly overestimated both the inclusiveness of gay liberation and the breadth of the sexual revolution.

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