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I must inform you of my shock and surprise at hearing you say that the new Beetle is a chick car. Reactions to the shoes, released last summer, are a measure of the charge around imagery perceived as racist today. A few years ago, a large portion of the gay community in Washington, DC, was driving the Honda Accord. You are sure to find a few of the gayest cars on the road today Rav 4, Prius, Echo. For the record, I drive a Buick Park Avenue.

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Saturns, especially two- or three-door, also fit this trend.

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Gay-Friendly Cars: Is Subaru Number One?

Rod Being a car nut as well as being gay, I feel eminently qualified to give you the lowdown. Apr 20, 10, 1 And he's probably got a beach house that he'd like me to visit! Shelby Lesbians seem overwhelmingly to prefer Hondas or Acuras. And a VW Jetta for the good mileage. More bumper stickers than car.

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Car Stereotypes Simplify Theme by: Lesbians are 11 times more likely to own a Saab. And a VW Jetta for the good mileage. We admit, it is very roomy and high-tec feeling when you are in there, you save on gas like its nobodies business plus you get to drive in the carpool lane. Well, this guy has a white Cabriolet, complete with white leather interior.

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