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And all of them aren't going to go back on the same day. Let me be very clear. But a week later, after that comment, you came out with this: Is it worth destabilizing General Musharraf in order to capture Osama bin Laden? The battle is actually church versus church, minister versus minister, and Scripture versus Scripture.

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And, and you can't quite deal with foreign governments any more than you can deal with anybody, in that sense, in politics.

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I just don't want to run from it and act like it's not important. Which it is was not, it was a bookshelf. And education was my ticket out of the, out of the bottom of the economic spectrum.

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And as a Republican, but as a Christian, I would want to make sure that we're speaking out on some of these issues that I think we've been lacking in as a party and as, as a nation.

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