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Another visit I spent an hour talking about books in the outdoor hot tub with a hairy chested married Marine officer who was one of the handsomest men I ever saw. Again, The Vulcan is located adjacent to Little Italy downtown. The owner and his staff did a great job keeping the place running for 39 years. The permacum coated wood flooring of the sauna is being cut up into small blocks that will be sold as plaques to raise funds for an HRC banquet. You end up wasting so much time all night online--and you still don't hook up.

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I will never forget.

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San Diego's Vulcan Steam and Sauna Closed

Back in the mid 70's I was stationed in Riverside area and would come to San Diego for fun weekends - the Vulcan was always on the list. Was in the Hillcrest place several times over the years and never liked for some reason. Major area upstairs closed. Omw Over a year ago. It wasn't brand new, but it was in good shape and clean--and no, it wasn't stained and grimey in the least.

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Berlin Berlin is certainly always worth a visit. Haven't been to one in a few years but for me and then in Europe mostly, bath houses were an extraordinary experience. Some people just get away with it. The owner was well liked and respected and continues to serve on the Little Italy Business Association, the location of The Vulcan. Waste of money and time.

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