California actual gay marriage law

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Official Voter Information Guide. Most or all of article text: In addition, sections of In re Marriage Cases not overturned by Proposition 8 include the establishment of sexual orientation as a "protected class" under California law, requiring heightened scrutiny in discrimination disputes. Retrieved October 22,

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On February 7,the Ninth Circuit Court of Appealsin a 2—1 decision, reached the same conclusion as the district court, but on narrower grounds.

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LGBT rights in California

Obviously we believe they are, and the California legislature also has gone on record as firmly believing in standing for the proposition that same-sex couples exist in this state and that their families ought to have equal protection. Demonstrations and protests occurred across the state and nation. Archived from the original on February 23, The court said the ballot argument could be preserved by rewording it to state that teachers "may" or "could" be required to tell children there is no difference between same-sex and opposite-sex marriage. New York State has a very rich history of essentially delegating the question of certain marriage issues to rabbinical courts — some interesting constitutional establishment clause issues there.

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While domestic partnership provides some protection, it falls short of genuine equality by any reasonable measure. Retrieved February 2, Retrieved June 16, According to the director of the Field Poll, the discrepancy between the pre-election polls and ballot results is because "regular church-goers Archived from the original on November 13, Sharp where the state's interracial marriage ban was held unconstitutional. From the enactment of legislation in to replace gendered pronouns with gender-neutral pronouns untilthe California Civil Code defined marriage as "a personal relation arising out of a civil contract, to which the consent of the parties capable of making that contract is necessary.

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